palabra del dia enero 4 – 2017

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Tema == Jesus Prohibe el sectarismo
lectura == lucas 9 =49 – 50

Entonces respondiendo Juan, dijo: Maestro, hemos visto a uno que echaba fuera demonios en tu nombre; y se lo prohibimos, porque no sigue con nosotros.
9:50 Jesús le dijo: No se lo prohibáis; porque el que no es contra nosotros, por nosotros es.

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Topic == Jesus Prohibits sectarianism
Reading == lucas 9 = 49 – 50

Then John answered and said, Master, we have seen one casting out demons in thy name; And we forbade him, because he is not with us.
9:50 Jesus said to him, «Do not forbid it; For he that is not against us, is for us.

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